good band icons ;

good band icons
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This community was created as a place for high quality icons of alternative rock bands, such as Muse, Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, Depeche Mode, and others. Moderated & maintained by vaamped.

1. DO NOT CLICK "JOIN COMMUNITY". If you do this by accident, please make a note of it in your application so we can excuse it.
2. Rules are the foundation of communities like these. Read them, they are your friends.
3. Apply here for posting access!
4. Just here to snag? Friend the community; follow the rules of the individual iconmakers.
5. You are allowed to post batches with any bands/musical artists.
6. You must show a teaser of 2 - 4 of your icon batch when posting, put the rest under a cut/fake cut.
7. Please only post band/music icons, NOT bases or other art.
8. When applying, make the subject of your comment: "complication", so that we know you've read all the rules.
9. If you aren't accepted into the community, then you can re-apply at least 2 weeks later. Do not re-apply before that much time has passed.
10. Remember, it's not the end of the world if you don't get in. And please, do not take it out on the mod(s). This is not the place to wank. Personal attacks on the mod(s) and/or in their journals will get you banned :)
11. You only need two "Yes" response to your application in order to be let in the community. Once there has been two 'yes' replies to your comment, then check out your invites and you will be given posting access & membership.
12. Don't apply for membership unless you actually plan on posting!

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